Stillness allows real life to break through.

Choosing Presence:

How to Access God's Peace and Release Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

The Practice of Presence

The Practice of Presence is a form of contemplative prayer...

Contemplative Prayer is...

Becoming aware of God's spiritual being through stillness and intention.

If we want to live a real and authentic life, we must first take responsibility for the present moment. Our failure to remain present allows our ego to sabotage the day.
Conscious presence is becoming aware of God’s spiritual being through stillness and intention.

Practicing Presence

Please take a moment and ask yourself the following three questions:

When you can answer these three questions from your own experience, you have allowed God’s spiritual energy to free you from within.

Presence is not a mindset, but surrender to peace and power of the present moment.

Finding Peace Through Accessing God’s Presence

Far too many of us are in an unconscious state of living through memory or anticipation, as we think or obsess about something that just happened or even could happen. It’s in this state of mind where we create our inner fears and conflicts along with the anxiety, worry, and lack of self esteem that comes with it.

Ways we know that we’re not present:

  • We’re stuck in compulsive, repetitive, negative thinking, and we don’t know why.
  • We don’t believe we have a choice. (This is absolutely wrong!)

There is always peace in the present moment. Unfortunately, we are rarely in the present moment. As we become consciously present through stillness, our inner awareness changes and our natural state of well being emerges.

How is it you access God’s Presence and connect to God’s Spiritual Energy in your daily life?

  • You must identify where your anxiety and fear originates. The Practice of Presence allows you to see that clearly, and that is the beginning of the end of self-created inner negativity.
  • You always have access to the peace of the present moment when you bring inner stillness.
Sadly, because so many of us have lost our connection with presence, we have allowed ourselves to needlessly create anxiety, stress, and worry. This does not have to be. We do have a choice.
Steps to getting started with Practicing Presence:
  1. Download the Practice of Presence App – free for both Apple iOS and Android devices.
  2.  Start with the morning practice.
  3.  Enable hourly notifications/reminders in the Presence App.
  4.  Read Choosing Presence: How to Access God’s Peace.
  5.  Locate or start a Practice Group.
  1. Practicing presence teaches us while it also inner-conditions us spiritually.
  2. Stillness allows real life to break through into our awareness and gives us a true perspective of reality in the present moment.
  3. As we grow in presence, anxiety, worry and inner negativity no longer overcome us with negative emotions and reactions.
  4. Presence is not a permanent state because there are so many distractions in our daily life. Yet we can still return to presence over and over again throughout the day in order to renew ourselves.
  5. The first day you begin to consciously practice presence you will notice a difference in how you feel.
  6. The hourly intentions can be done at any time or place and will not interfere with anything else happening at the same time.
God reveals himself to us in our every day life, but he can only be found in the present moment.
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Download the free Practicing Presence App

  • Start with the Morning Practice.
  • Be sure to enable hourly notifications and reminders.
  • Simple to install and easy to use!
  • Check out our Apple and Android app download and installation video tutorials.
We cannot control God's spiritual energy. We can only be present to it.

Here's the book!

All we have to do is to recognize God as being intimately present within us.”
— Brother Lawrence

Paperback: 158 pages
ISBN: 978-1618521262

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