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Jim Heaney
Jim Heaney

Husband, father, grandfather, businessman, and spiritual journeyman...

For more than thirty years Jim Heaney has been on a spiritual journey which led him to the Practice of Presence. A pivotal event in Jim’s life came in 1997 when he attend a Men’s Rites of Passage. During this experience, he awakened to the fact that he was not always present. Jim realized he needed to silence the noise and to engage his life at a more profound level.

Today Jim is semi-retired and has been practicing presence for more than twenty years. He also volunteers and teaches the practice of presence in prisons. More recently, Jim wrote Choosing Presence and developed the Practicing Presence App to help the many people who suffer daily, while feeling alone and isolated.

Belief is good, but knowing is experience.
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor

Husband, father, pastor, weaver of men's rites of passage...

Jim Taylor is a pastor at the Mosaic Community Church in Seguin, TX. Jim is also a dedicated spiritual guide, wilderness wanderer, and a lover of the more-than-human-world. He has vast experience in leading men through rites of passage, and also guides men on their personal spiritual journeys as they seek to discover their own souls and elder wisdom.

For many years Jim has also been on a spiritual journey which led him into a friendship with Jim Heaney. He and Jim have been working collaboratively to introduce the practice of presence to others through mentoring individuals and leading group work.


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